• Is Greenboxed Matcha Organic?  Yes! we source USDA and JONA approved matcha.
    • Why should I buy latte grade instead of culinary or ceremonial grade matcha?  Our mission is to deliver the best value without compromising the quality of our products. That being said, we strongly believe our premium latte grade matcha is the best quality matcha without putting a hole in your pocket. We found culinary matcha is “usually” low quality and bitter, while ceremonial grade is too expensive for the average buyer. 
    • What is the best way to prepare matcha? Our favorite way to drink matcha is by mixing 1 tablespoon of matcha powder, a banana, a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of agave/honey and some ice cubes and blend. 
    • Where is Greenboxed Matcha sourced from? And why did you choose to source it from that place? Our matcha is sourced from the Kyoto region in Japan. We wanted only the best matcha and knew we would only sell what we trusted. Our decision to not compromise on lower quality and our research confirmed that the best quality matcha comes from Japan. The biggest difference between Chinese and Thai matcha is the way the tea leaves are harvested and processed. Japanese matcha is covered with a porous cover four weeks before harvest. This screen reduces the amount of sunlight available to the tea leaves, making them work harder and produce more chlorophyll. For this reason, high quality matcha has a vibrant green color. On the other hand, non-Japanese matcha is not generally grown in the shade, and are pan-fried to stop oxidation. Hence the yellowish dull color and bitter flavor. 
    • What does matcha taste like? Greenboxed Matcha should have a vibrant green color and have a rich, natural, earthy taste and a lingering sweet aftertaste. Our matcha does not have a bitter aftertaste!
    • Does Greenboxed Matcha contains any fillers or sweeteners? We do not add any ingredients to our matcha. Zero. Our matcha is 100% authentic Japanese matcha powder. 
    • Should I worry about the radiation issue in Japan? Our matcha is sourced from the Kyoto region, located in the far-west of Japan. This region was not exposed to the radiation explosion. To ensure the safety of our customers, we also test our matcha powder for radiation. If required, please send us an email to request proof of certification. 
    • Is Greenboxed Matcha stone ground? Yes, that is correct!
    • How many servings should I expect to get from a 100g (3.52oz) bag? If 1 tablespoon is used per serving, you should expect 30 servings (one-month supply) in one bag. 
    • Do I need a whisk to prepare matcha? No, you do not. Our matcha can be easily blended with liquids. 
    • Is the matcha gluten free? Yes! 
    • Is the matcha certified by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Food Association)? Yes! we are certified by JONA. If required, please send us an email if you request a document of certificiation.