Why Matcha is a Great Complement For Your Fitness Journey

Why Matcha is a Great Complement For Your Fitness Journey


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As you might know, matcha is a top quality green tea powder because of its many benefits. It is especially optimal for anyone dedicated to improving their fitness and wellness. For these reasons, matcha is fast becoming a staple of yogis, athletes, and gym-goers worldwide.

The science behind it

Matcha contains the polyphenol EGCG, which has been discovered to assist in boosting metabolism and the ability to burn calories. Unlike other green teas, where you discard the leaves, matcha is consumed whole, making this superfood ten times more potent than any other tea. As with any other supplement on the market, to get the full benefits of consuming matcha it is recommended to be combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.  

How to incorporate matcha into your diet

Simply, just drink it everyday!  Our matcha is a great pre or post workout drink. Before the gym, a matcha latte will give you extra energy to perform better during your exercise routine or simply added to your vanilla protein after you complete it.

Patience is a virtue

Trust the process and be patient. As repetitive as it sounds, changes only happens with consistency, hard work and a lifestyle change. Do not give up if you don’t see physical changes immediately. Society and social media pressure us to have unrealistic expectations that can affect the way we see ourselves. Just remember, to love yourself and focus on being the best version of your AWESOME self.

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