My American Dream

My American Dream

In 2015, I graduated from college! YAYY! After many years (8 years to be exact) I finally accomplished what many immigrant young adults are taught is the best way to create a prosperous and happy life in America. During my college years,  I wanted to pursue a career in corporate America. What else could I possibly do to create my own American dream? 

While going to school, I worked my way up in a financial technology company! I went from being a call center rep to becoming a business analyst for the international division.  As you can imagine, I was always exhausted. Well, I was beyond exhausted. I have to confess that I drank two venti iced coffees per day 😳.  Yes, I was that tired. As expected, this took a toll on my body and my mental health. I started to experience jitters and anxiety attacks because of the very unhealthy lifestyle I was living.

I had been so excited about getting the new role in this company. I really thought this was my dream job. But, after a few years there, I started to realize this was not the life I envisioned for the next 30 years. I was so scared! I worked so hard to get here and now I was thinking about quitting? While I was getting cold feet at my job, I decided I had to take care of myself, at last, so I can “survive” this job that was making me so unhappy! That is when I started looking for a better source of energy. One that would not make me anxious! This is how I found this “new” (at least for me at the time) product called MATCHA!

To be honest, the first time I drank matcha, I didn’t like it. I didn’t know anything about the different matcha grades, so I ended up buying a very low quality matcha powder which was very bitter and brown looking. It tasted horrible and I didn't see what made matcha so great. However I was still curious to give it a second chance, and I found a place that made a delicious matcha latte. That’s when I first experienced the benefits of this “new” product. I felt energized, yet my mind was clear and I didn’t get jitters or anxiety afterwards. I felt in love with the product and how it made me feel!  With one problem resolved, I still had that job that made me miserable.

After much thought, I knew I had to make a radical lifestyle change. This is when I came up with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and to share the benefits of matcha. After all, I was not the only one who felt awful after drinking energy drinks or coffee. I did the homework for you and researched all the matcha powders available in the market until finding the best matcha powder for daily consumption. You can now experience the calm-alert effects of matcha at home (no need to spend $5 per latte anymore). 

My last message for you is to never give up on your dreams. If you are unhappy with any aspect in your life, change it! Change is difficult, I know! But staying in the same place is even more difficult, always remember this. Now, I share my story with you, I hope to inspire you to follow your dreams and to never give up in the pursuit of your happiness! We are in this together and I believe in you. 

Con much amor, 


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