3 Ways Matcha Can Help You Master Your Goals This Year

3 Ways Matcha Can Help You Master Your Goals This Year

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The new year may have just gotten underway, but it's never too soon to assess how your goals and resolutions for 2018 are shaping up. Perhaps, even with the best of intentions, they got lost somewhere in the midst of the falling confetti and Instagramming with your friends at the stroke of midnight. Or have you somehow fallen behind because you have been constantly tired or stressed? No matter what has been holding you back, there is still time to be the rockstar you said you were going to be. You need solutions, not excuses. Luckily, there are a few ways matcha can help you regain your momentum.

1. Start with swapping out coffee for better energy

Put down that cup of coffee and reach for matcha, a green tea powder that packs an antioxidant punch while keeping you energized. The superfood delivers a sustained caffeine release that can make getting through a busy day easier. Habitual coffee-drinkers have several reasons to break up with java's unpleasant side-effects. You don't need a relationship therapist to tell you that the jitters, anxiety, energy crash, and sleeping issues aren't good for you. Plus, matcha is extremely versatile. It is easily enjoyed as a latte, smoothie, or even as a key ingredient in a post-workout protein shake. It is the better energy pick-me-up you have been looking for.

2. Reach your warm and fuzzy place

Matcha's unique advantage is that it contains the amino acid l-theanine which counterbalances its caffeine content, creating an "alert calm." The zen-like effect may surprise your feel-good senses, leaving you in peaceful mood. Being focused and level-headed simply makes us more productive, happier humans. 

3. Trade bad habits for good ones

Even though matcha is pretty amazing on its own, it is best complemented with a healthy lifestyle consistent with good habits. However, to achieve this, first we have to identify and banish the bad ones. Really dig deep and then write down what they are and understand why they are detrimental to your progress. Some common ones we have seen include too much TV consumption, eating poorly, spending beyond one's means, and not using vacation time wisely, if at all.
Consider swapping some of these for better habits such as: spending more time in the present by minimizing smartphone use, being present around family and friends, committing to a healthier diet, and building out an exercise routine that works for you. Oh yes, and drink more water. Very important. And a personal favorite of ours--travel as much as you can!! The world out there is beautiful and colorful and full of magic, and it is not to be missed! One last thing, don't forget to be the best version of you!

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