Our Story

 Co-founders Maryanna Ovalle and Will Kline

It all began when we decided to commit to living a healthier lifestyle, cooking more at home, and making the gym a priority. Mentally and physically we were a bit worn out from juggling our corporate jobs with a full load of college courses. Like most young professionals, we had a sworn addiction to coffee to maintain full speed ahead. While it’s true that we loved our daily cup of joe, it left us feeling the jitters and short of energy in only a matter of hours. That’s when we thought that there had to be a better way.

We knew we were onto something when we searched for a healthy caffeine alternative and discovered matcha. The green tea powder packed an impressive list of health benefits and is known for producing sustained energy yet a feeling of calmness. It sounded a little too good to be true. We tirelessly educated ourselves on where the highest quality comes from (Japan), best ways to consume it (there’s no right way, only preferences!), and on the variety of grades and flavor profiles (so, so many!).

Once we found a matcha we loved, we felt it could help do a better job than coffee at solving the problem so many of us face: a lack of energy. And because we were dedicating ourselves to a more plant-based diet and choosing organic whole foods, we decided to start our company, Greenboxed Co., founded on these values. While our company aims to solve many problems with the goal of helping anyone live and feel better, we wanted to launch matcha as our flagship product.

Our strict standards and transparency means just that: our product is organic, free of additives, and 100% pure stone ground Japanese quality. We invite you to try it for yourself and experience its benefits that may help you on your wellness journey. It just might make you quit coffee for good. And not only will your wallet feel better about that, you will too.