Matcha Green Tea For Weight Loss

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Research shows that green tea extract is reliable for its fat-burning capabilities when used with moderate exercise. The antioxidant EGCG is associated with enhanced weight loss, and luckily, matcha contains up to 3 times more of it than regular green tea!! 

EGCG antioxidants have also been show to stop the growth of fat cells. Yet another benefit is that you'll end up feeling fuller, so it could help limit caloric intake.

But really, the truth is that when it comes to weight loss, everyone is unique, each body with their own genetic makeup and dietary requirements. There is no magic potion or silver bullet. Real results requires investing in your overall health, top to bottom.

To maximize the effects of any supplement, such as matcha green tea, you'll really want to make sure your physical fitness and diet are up to par. 

With a healthy lifestyle as your foundation, matcha fits in quite nicely as one piece of the puzzle to boost metabolism. You'll really want to make sure your physical fitness and diet are up to par. When you choose to consume it, you are choosing better health.


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